Get more value for your money.
APEX tattoo needles are from premium quality and offered at very reasonable price.

The artist choice of tattoo needle-point is very personal.
There is no need for us to promote the APEX tattoo needles as the best in Europe or the best long
tapered…etc. – try the APEX tattoo needles yourself to see if this is what you have been waiting for.

We are not sponsoring any artist for promoting the APEX tattoo needles.
The fact that a famous artist is binding his/her name to a needle mark looks good but any other artist
which will use the needle will not be able producing the same art work just because using the same

We are trying arriving by the artist with the best possible price. In other words – it is your benefit that
no hidden costs (sponsoring costs for example) are being added to the production & quality control

Good feedback that you see circulating is being done by your colleges because they are satisfied and
would like to share with the rest – not because they had free stock or were paid for.

APEX tattoo needles are NOT marked with CE – this is misleading and even not legal.
CE is standing for Conform Europe which means that the product is full filling an European existing
guide line. There is NO European guide line for tattoo needles! Beside that – the needle is just a part
in a machine/process. You cannot mark one part and the rest (machine/grip/rubber band) not…

Each needle has its own sterilization indicator. Batch nr, needle size, configuration type and expiry
date are marked on the back of each blister.

And we will have few added value extra for you…. Those will be announce at the moment that we will
start the distribution.